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Founded in 2019, Blu Scarpa is the resurgence of Matthew Chevallard’s passion for footwear since his departure as Founder and Creative Director from Del Toro Shoes in 2017. After a stint at Pharrell’s BBC Icecream, Matthew maintained his stance on producing high quality products for the discerning consumer.

Blu Scarpa offers a solution to modern footwear with hand-crafted Italian “blu” shoes. At its foundation, the hand-crafted “fatte a mano” Italian made footwear, proposes a uniform concept with elegant style and a bespoke experience. Holding up its time-honored values of quality and craftsmanship, Blu Scarpa combines Matthew’s heritage with the all-encompassing color “blu”, as an ode to 80-90’s Italian lifestyle. Essential to Blu Scarpa’s core and exhibited in its various logos, we see artistic influences through icons like Lucio Fontana, Georgia O’Keeffe, Donald Judd and Yves Klein.

Based in Miami, Blu Scarpa delivers a simple and intricate collection for every occasion, sporty or chic.

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