Two Tone Bar Bracelet 14K Yellow Gold


Inspired by Italian elegance, our handcrafted fine jewelry collection seamlessly blends 14k yellow gold to link two exquisite stone materials, turquoise and blue lapis, cherished by our brand. Throughout the centuries, these stones have been revered in ancient talismans for their associations with good fortune, clear understanding, health, and happiness.

The Blu Jewelry Collection offers a variety of decorative shapes, forms, and drape lengths, created in collaboration with the world-renowned luxury jeweler, London Jeweler.

Our 7-inch option ensures a snug fit, ideal for women and most S/M men's wrists. Opt for the 8-inch band for a more relaxed, hanging style tailored to larger men's wrists.


  • 14K Yellow Gold Link.
  • Turquoise and Blue Lapis Bar Inlay.
  • Lengths: 7" | 8"
  • Handmade in Italy.
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