Versailles - Turquoise Beads / Turquoise Suede


Experience the fusion of turquoise beads and Versailles elegance. Our latest collaborative masterpiece transcends boundaries, marrying the artistry of Silver Ostrich and Blu Scarpa with the rare treasures inspired by New Mexico's captivating landscape. This belt is a seamless union of sumptuous suede and the allure of turquoise beads. More than a mere accessory, it's a wearable tribute to the extraordinary beauty nestled in the heart of New Mexico.

Fit: Versatile and effortless, this belt effortlessly transitions from tailored suits to casual denim, owing to its adaptable nature and the sleek, non-bulky size of the buckle. Designed to be unisex, it embraces sophistication without compromising on comfort or style, complementing diverse wardrobes with its timeless allure. 


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